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FEBRUARY 2008: New Tour Info for: Tom Dempsey & Tim Ferguson; see below.



Tom Dempsey/Tim Ferguson Quartet

Tom Dempsey, guitar

Tim Ferguson, bass

David Bixler, also sax

Jeff Brillinger, drums


10 Feb 2008, Cornelia Street Café, 29 Cornelia St., NYC; 20:00, $7 cover. CD release party for the new City Tone Records release "What's Going On?" by the duo of Tom Dempsey and Tim Ferguson.



New York Trio Project

Adam Rafferty, guitar

John Menegon, bass

Jeff "Siege" Siegel, drums


no dates currently scheduled



Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson

Michael Jefry Stevens, piano

Jeff "Siege" Siegel, drums

Tim Ferguson, bass





Imaginary artiste in another grouping:

Tom Dempsey

Tom plays quite frequently at Stan's Place, 411 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY (call 718.596.3110 for details). For early November 2005, he'll be there:

1 Nov, 1930-2230, solo guitar

3 Nov, 1930-2230, with the Quintin Franklin Quartet

4 Nov, 1930-2230, solo guitar



Conference Call (Michael Jefry Stevens)





Joe Fonda (bass) Michael J. Stevens (piano)

Harvey Sorgen (drums) Herb Robertson (trumpet)



Michael Jefry Stevens (concert appearances)




Jeff Siegel Quartet

Francesca Tanksley, piano (Billy Harper Quintet, Francesca Tanksley Trio),

Erica Lindsay, tenor saxophone (Oliver Lake Big Band, Baikida Carroll Quintet)

Danton Boller, bass (Jazz Mandolin Project, Benny Wallace, Mulgrew Miller)

Jeff "Siege" Siegel, drums.





Rafferty-Siegel Organ Trio

Adam Rafferty (guitar) Peter Tomlinson (organ) Jeff "Siege" Siegel (drums)





Imaginary artistes who rarely, if ever, perform live--

Somtow Sucharitkul/S. P. Somtow

Check his website for book signings and premieres of other new works


Bone Dali

Rest In Peace



Rest In Peace (but rumours are occasionally heard...)


Slow Natives

Rest In Peace (Hey, I've actually heard from one of the guys recently, and they are still noodling around and may put together a new CD sometime soon! (2007...))


Virgin Grove

Rest In Peace


Engine House

Rest In Peace (however, look for the Immortal Lee County Killers at finer roadhouses near the

county line).