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IMX-017, John Richards "My Jazz II" $16.98, CD only. Will be getting an image up here soon as I can get my antique scanner working again...



 IMX 016 Stevens Siegel & Ferguson

"Get Out Of Town"

CD only, US list $16.98. Recorded 21 July 2004 by Michael Brorby at Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn, NY; except Jeepers Creepers and I Loves You Porgy recorded 9 April 2000 by Jon Rosenberg at Tedesco Studios. Produced by Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson. Release date, 27 March 2007. UPC 780741001626. Total time, 59:13, Genre: mainstream jazz

Personnel: Michael Jefry Stevens, piano; Jeff "Siege" Siegel, drums; Tim Ferguson, acoustic bass.

TRACKS: Get Out Of Town (Cole Porter), Crazy He Calls Me (Carl Sigman/Bob Russell), Jeepers Creepers (Johnny Mercer/Harry Warren), The Last Embrace (Michael Jefry Stevens), Momentum (Tim Ferguson), I Loves You Porgy (George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin, DuBose Heyward), Stealth (Jeff Siegel), Peaceful (Jeff Siegel), Beautiful Friendship (Donald Kahn/Stanley H. Styne).

More on Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson can be found here.



 IMX 015 Tom Dempsey/Tim Ferguson Quartet


CD only, US list $16.98. recorded June 2002 by Carlos Pereira at K Studio, somewhere in the northeastern US; he also edited and mastered. Produced by Tom Dempsey and Tim Ferguson. Release date, 29 June 04 UPC 780741001527. total time, 62:14. genre: mainstream jazz

Personnel: Tom Dempsey, guitar; Tim Ferguson, bass; David Bixler, alto sax; Jeff Brillinger, drums.

TRACKS: Minor League (Duke Pearson), Just Chill (Dempsey), Delia's Samba (Ferguson), Vernazza (Ferguson), Perspectives (Dempsey), Swans (Ferguson), You Wait Here (Ferguson), The Look Within (Dempsey), East River Crossing (Dempsey).

Further information on the TDTFQ can be found here.



 IMX 014 New York Trio Project "Fifth House"

CD only, US list $16.98. recorded 20 Dec 2000 & 7 Jan 2001 by John Menegon at Upland Studio, Marbletown, NY; edited by Todd Levine, Magnetic North, Saugerties, NY 20 Apr 2001. Mastered at Bicoastal Music, Ossining, NY on 5 May 2001 by Hal Winer. Produced by the New York Trio Project. Released 17 Feb 04. UPC 8074100142. total time, 68:49. genre: mainstream jazz.

Personnel: Adam Rafferty, guitar; Jeff "Siege" Siegel, drums; John Menegon, bass.

TRACKS: Fifth House (John Coltrane), One For Jimmy (Jeff Siegel), It's Funny (John Menegon), Guijira (Chick Corea), Like Grains Of Sand (Sir Roland Hanna), Aorbee (John Menegon), No Means No (Adam Rafferty), Peace (Horace Silver), Beauty And The Beast (Wayne Shorter), Fifth House Take 2 (John Coltrane).


Further information on the New York Trio Project can be found here.




 IMX 013 Tennessee International Jazz Association presents: TennJazz vol 1

CD only, US list $25.00. recorded through May 01 at various locations. Compilation produced by Susan Fiering and Lloyd Townsend, Jr., and mastered by John Eberle at Americana Mastering, Nashville, TN USA. Released 31 July 01. UPC 8074100132. total time, 139:00 (two disc set) genre: jazz, various flavours.

This is a benefit release, to support the Tennessee International Jazz Association's Scattin' in the Schools curriculum. Scattin' is a K-12 program aimed primarily at disadvantaged children and youth (but open to all), in which jazz vocal techniques are taught during the school year, with regional workshops during the early part of the year and a statewide competition early in spring, culminating in final performance judging during the Tennessee International Jazz Festival in Nashville. Check out TIJA's website All proceeds benefiting Scattin'.

TRACKS: side 1: BadaBingBadaBoom Jonesin' To Swing Donald Brown A Poem For Martin Suzahn Hey Joe Dick Oatts Mel's Minor Jerry Coker We'll Be Together Again Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson Some Enchanted Evening Eve Zanni Gypsy Wave Dance San Rafael Band Fiesta Day Tom Roady Better Days Ahead John Pell & Jeff Kirk Veggie One Niel Rosengarden Sheet Metal Worker's Lament Jim Hoke Group The Itch Boots Randolph Take Me Out To The Ball Game Victor Mecyssne Jazz Man

side 2: Suzahn Paris Without His Kiss Donald Brown French Kiss Dick Oatts Innocent Voice Patty Coker Straight No Chaser Gypsy Hombres Freddie's Waltz Dan Hagen My Romance Som Brasileiro Mesa De Bar Erik Halbig Sleeping On The Job MJT Project Cherokee David Andersen What's New Serenatta Historia de un Amor David Lakey & The Superstitions Para Ti Maxi Dan Dowling Dory's Dance Ken Spooner & Ronnie Godfrey Where Did You Get That Love

Our thanks to Space Time Records and SteepleChase Records for their contributed tracks!





 IMX 012 Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson "Triologue"

CD only, US list $16.98. recorded 3 June 99 and 9 Apr 00 by Tom Tedesco at Tedesco Studio, mixed by Jon Rosenberg. Produced by Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson. Released 31 July 01. UPC 8074100122. total time, 68:06. genre: mainstream jazz.

Their fourth CD for Imaginary finds the trio reaching new heights of musicianship on both originals and standards--"...a unified, supremely colorful display of the possibilities of the jazz piano trio." to quote Robert Spencer from the liner notes.

TRACKS: Some Enchanted Evening (Rodgers & Hammerstein), Vernazza (Ferguson), This Nearly Was Mine (Rodgers & Hammerstein), Bloodcount (Strayhorn), Tin Tin Deo (Fuller & Pozo), Go Down Moses (traditional, arr. Stevens), Petit Fleur (Bechet), Eliza Isabella (Siegel), The Lockout (Stevens)


More on SS&F and their catalog can be found here.


IMX 011 not yet assigned



 IMX 010 Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson with very special guest Valery Ponomarev


CD only, US list $16.98. recorded 20-21 March 1998, released 12 Jan 1999. UPC 8074100102. total time, 70:01. genre: mainstream jazz. Produced by Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson and Valery Ponomarev.

The third CD from the trio, with a twist--the addition of phenomenal trumpeter Valery Ponomarev, with whom they have performed many times on the road. Early in Valery's career, he worked with the Art Blakey group; when he left, it took Wynton Marsalis to take his place...

TRACKS: Magical Spaces (Jeff Siegel), Lonely Woman (Ornette Coleman), Julie's Tabouleh (Tim Ferguson), Dedication (Michael J. Stevens), For You Only (Valery Ponomarev), Blue Heart (Jeff Siegel), Con Alma (Dizzy Gillespie), Memorial (Michael J. Stevens), Blues For Elena (Valery Ponomarev), Angelica (Duke Ellington), & You Wait Here (Tim Ferguson)

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 IMX 009 S. P. Somtow/Somtow Sucharitkul "Kaki"

CD only, US list $16.98. released 22 July 1997. UPC 8074100092. total time, 72:50. genre: classical/ballet

What if the great composers of Russian ballet had looked SOUTH for inspiration, instead of to the west? This, Somtow's re-telling of the ancient Siamese legend of Kaki, queen of Benares, her temptation by Wentai (the Garuda, or sky god), and resulting betrayal of her King--and the price she then willingly pays--is grounded on the foundation of Russian ballet. This produces an intense and passionate performance combining the literary and musical talents of renowned Asian composer and SF/horror writer Somtow Sucharitkul and his co-persona S. P. Somtow. Debut royal command performance took place 25 July 97 in Bangkok, Thailand.


More on Somtow can be found here, and of course at his own website.



 IMX 008 Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson "Points Of View"

CD only, US list $16.98. recorded 19-20 June 1996, released Dec 1996. UPC 8074100082. total time, 68:59. genre: mainstream jazz. Produced by Akira Tana and SS&F.

The second CD from this great jazz trio. Nine weeks on the US Gavin jazz chart, six in the top 20--peaked at #14!

TRACKS: On Green Dolphin Street (Kaper/Washington), A Bicycle Built For Two (Harry Dacre), The Blessing (Ornette Coleman), Threads (Jeff Siegel), Morning Song (Michael J. Stevens), Yesterdays (Jerome Kern), After The Rain (John Coltrane), Almost A Rhythm Tune (Michael J. Stevens), Steppy (Tim Ferguson), Sir Roland (Jeff Siegel), Astor's Place (Tim Ferguson), & Angel Eyes (Dennis/Brent)

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 IMX 007 Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson "One Of A Kind"

CD only, US list $16.98. recorded 7-8 Oct 1993, released 1st qtr.1995. UPC 8074100072. total time, 62:12. genre: mainstream jazz. Produced by Cecil Bridgewater and SS&F.

The first CD by this hip NYC-based piano trio, consisting of Michael Jefry Stevens on piano, Jeff "Siege" Siegel on drums, and Tim Ferguson on upright bass. If you like McCoy Tyner's trios, you'll probably like these guys! Skirted just below the US Gavin jazz chart for radio airplay, not too bad for the first recording by a little-known (at release time) group.

TRACKS: One Of A Kind (Frederick Hubcap), Waltz For Zweetie (Walter Bishop, Jr.), The Moffett Family (Michael J. Stevens), Caravan (Duke Ellington/Juan Tizol), Gloria's Mood (Tim Ferguson), Jazz Tune (Michael J. Stevens), Habitat (Jeff Siegel), I Fall In Love Too Easily (Sammy Cahn/Jules Styne), Sunrise In Mexico (Kenny Dorham), Old Devil Moon (E. Y. Harburg/Burton Lane), Lenny (Jeff Seigel)

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 IMX 006 Bone Dali "Bone Dali"

CD only, US list $16.98. recorded at Oak Bowery, Opelika, AL, Dec 1988-March 1989, remastered for CD by Bruce Bennett, CD released 1993. UPC 8074100062. total time, 50:56. genre: power funk/alternative rock. Produced by Bruce Bennett and Bone Dali.

The legendary Alabama-based power funk band's ultra-rare full-length cassette, remastered and augmented with live recordings for the CD release! If they'd had the sense to be from Athens, GA, we'd all know them by now...

TRACKS: gallop, S.O.S., Happy Song, Monkey Sweat, Fire, Twelve Strings, Parking Lot, U.F.F., Power Funk, Black Shoes, White Boy Blues, Train, Jeff's Power Funk III, Slow Water.

There's a little more about Bone Dali here, and more at David Arndt's website.


IMX 005 Patrick Mahoney, "Scott Joplin Rags"

as yet unreleased; this should be remedied soon...



 IMX 004 Various Artists "Sonic Defense Initiative"

LP/cassette only, US list $19.98 LP, $10.98 cass. Recorded here & there in 1986-1987, released late spring 1987. UPC 8074100041/4. total time, to be measured whenever I get around to remastering for eventual CD reissue... genre: mostly obnoxious college alternative rock, some pop. Produced by various people who probably should have known better!

Compilation of alt-rock & pop bands from Auburn University (AL USA) music "scene" of the mid '80's. I say "scene" because, as hard as many people tried, nothing ever really jelled into anything resembling a "real" scene at our favorite little part of entertainment purgatory called AU. Lots of good musicians with almost nowhere locally to play, and too few with the sense (or maybe the money) to get out of town...

ARTIST/TITLE: Mr. Resistor & the Incapacitators/Violent Romance, Big Red Beans (from New Orleans); Ebb Arnold & the Friction Pigs/Surfin' Aliens, Drink 'n' Drive; Zane Grey/Don't Stop...Shout, I'm Taking You; Paul & the Quest/The Situation; Kidd Blue & the Blues Kings/Flip Side, Don't Mess With My Shades; Nothing Personal/Attitude, The Wanderer; Slow Natives/16 Tons, Going Nowhere Fast; Bonnevilles/Heartbreaker Beware




 IMX 003 Somtow Sucharitkul "Hexaphony"

cassette only, US list 9.98. recorded 1 Feb 1978, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila, released 1986. UPC 8074100034. total time, 75:21. genre: world/classical/free improv

A synthesis of Thai and Western musical forms, in a "premeditated improvisation" with the Western parts composed by Sucharitkul and the Eastern by American Bruce Gaston. Conducted in the live performance by Dnu Huntrakul. Each of the six performers select from six different instruments at any one time, as directed by the conductor. Primary instrument--Sucharitkul: piano, Huntrakul: vibraphone, Gaston: ranaat ek, Tienchai Namatep: ranaat thum, Solot Kooptarat: so u & so duang, Aunnop Chansuta: percussion.




 IMX 002 The Moderns "Jagged Edges"

cassette only, US list $5.98. released 1983. UPC 8074100024. Produced by the Moderns.

Auburn, AL alternapoppers in the early '80's; this is their final release as the Moderns (a later incarnation as Paul & the Quest produced a track on the "Sonic Defense Initiative" compilation LP and a full-length CD they released on their own).

TRACKS: Jagged Edges, I Stand Accused, I Am Waiting (all titles by The Moderns)



 IMX 001 The Moderns "Serve And Protect"

LP/cassette only, US list $17.98 LP/$10.98 cass. Recorded 1981-82, released 17 Dec1982. UPC 8074100011/4. Produced by The Moderns and Jerry Powell, Southern Sound, Mobile, AL.

Best comparison I could ever come up with was "early Joe Jackson meets the Police." In a small town hidden between Atlanta, GA (the capitol of the New South) and Montgomery, AL (the capitol of the Old South), where nothing much ever happens outside of football. Again, if they'd just had the sense to move to Athens, GA before graduation and the promise of a regular paycheck pulled them apart...

TRACKS: At Your Service, The Only Game That Matters, All Gone Now, Goodbye Einstein, On The Beach, Scotland The Brave, I've Got A Secret, I'm Not Sorry, Stop Pretending, Respectable Decision, & Serve And Protect. All titles by The Moderns.



Genuine 7" vinyl!:


 IMS 003 Virgin Grove

"Pop The Bubbles"/"Deep Black Sea"/"Lost In Space"

7" 33.3 rpm, deep red vinyl. released 1996. Produced by Virgin Grove. US list $9.98, no UPC assigned.

electronica trio; synths & vocal.



 IMS 002 Engine House

"No Tomorrow"/"Weirdo"

7" 45 rpm, blue vinyl. released 1992. Produced by Engine House. US list $9.98, no UPC assigned.

alt-rock, kinda heavy on the guitars. Some members now in fairly well-known band the Quadrajets, and now The Immortal Lee County Killers.


IMS 001 Slow Natives "Fast Food Driver"/"Time Machine"

7" 45 rpm, ultra-rare black vinyl! released 23 May 1985. Produced by the Slow Natives. US list $6.99, no UPC assigned.

novelty pop, very Beach Boy-ish on the A side, kinda psychedelic on the B.




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