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Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson

Get Out Of Town

TRACKS: Get Out Of Town (Cole Porter), Crazy He Calls Me (Carl Sigman/Bob Russell), Jeepers Creepers (Johnny Mercer/Harry Warren), The Last Embrace (Michael Jefry Stevens), Momentum (Tim Ferguson), I Loves You Porgy (George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin, DuBose Heyward), Stealth (Jeff Siegel), Peaceful (Jeff Siegel), Beautiful Friendship (Donald Kahn/Stanley H. Styne).

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Recorded in 2004 (with a couple of tracks brought out of the archives of 2000), this CD is released in time to celebrate the trio's 18th anniversary. Still vital, still invigorating, still damn hard to find -- but anyone with a yearn to be a jazz hustler can book the trio for a performance in their town! Just contact one of the trio...Michael at , Jeff at , or Tim at . Some fan gushing and a little cold green cash (or whatever colour your local currency is!) will get them to your neighborhood. Though as busy as they all are with multiple independent projects, it might be a few weeks before they could all get in the same room.

Anyway, this CD will be heading out to worldwide jazz radio (what little is left of it, regrettably) the second half of March 2007, so please start listening for it, and call in lots of requests!

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TRACKS: Some Enchanted Evening (Rodgers & Hammerstein), Vernazza (Tim Ferguson), This Nearly Was Mine (Rodgers & Hammerstein), Bloodcount (Billy Strayhorn), Tin Tin Deo (Walter "Gil" Fuller & Chano Pozo), Go Down Moses (Trad.), Petit Fleur (Sidney Bechet), Eliza Isabella (Jeff Siegel), The Lockout (Michael J. Stevens)

CD only. US $16.98 through Imaginary Mailorder. Order IMX-012 UPC 7 80741 00122 0

Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson have been developing their conversational approach to jazz piano trio for over a decade. "Triologue" is appropriately named, describing both the latest recorded effort of the trio as well as summarizing the group's unique musical identity.

This is not a leaderless trio; instead, it is a cooperatively-led group made up of three veteran musicians of the New York jazz scene. Pianist Michael Jefry Stevens has been making a name for himself around the world both as a leader (Fonda-Stevens Quartet, Michael Stevens Quartet) and as a sideman (Miles Griffith's New 'Ting). Jeff "Siege" Siegel, the drummer, has been distinguishing himself as a sideman in the studio and live with pianist Sir Roland Hanna, in concert recently with John Scofield and Joanne Brackeen, and with the new york trio project (Imaginary IMX014). Bassist Tim Ferguson, one of New York's busiest bassists, has been heard lately in the groups of pianist Don Friedman and saxophonist Eric Person.

The Trio will be showcasing their fourth Imaginary Records release throughout 2002, the twelfth year of SS&F (or thirteenth; no one really remembers the first time they gigged together...). Tour dates for the year have yet to be set; PLEASE contact Michael Jefry Stevens and entice them to play in your town. We really, really need to get them out to the West Coast, and many points between there and New York--and solid offers will do the trick!

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"Triologue" reviews here.

As of 18 January 2002, the Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson release "Triologue" reached the YellowDog jazz airplay chart, entering at #47 after "bubbling under" for several weeks. As this represents airplay through the Christmas season (when so much holiday-oriented music is played, and little time is left over for other titles), we're quite stoked about this success--especially since we forgot to put any "radio-friendly" shorter tracks on the CD! Radio promotion continues as we speak...

Week #2 on the YellowDog chart, and we're up to #42. Adds at 6 new stations.

Chart week #3 and we're up again, now to #38! Slow, but steady. Here's the list. Please phone in your requests!

Chart week #4, week #12 of significant airplay in the U.S.--we slipped to #40. Requests needed now more than ever!

Chart week #5, airplay week #13, we slipped again, down to #45.

And finally, as of 22 Feb 02, "Triologue" has slipped off the YellowDog airplay chart; spins are down to 112 for the week from a reported peak of 211. Requests are still appreciated, and any feedback to any station that received a copy might result in additional airplay! See here for the stations that received a copy.


If you can't find "Triologue" in stock at your local store, please ask them to place an order. Maybe they're not on our mailing list; you can help out by tipping us to their existence--send their name, address and phone to us by email! We have Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson posters free to all who help spread the word.


Free Poster with any SS&F order from Imaginary Records mailorder, while supplies last!


Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson came together as a trio in the summer of 1990, while teaching at the same workshop. In the time since, while maintaining their individual projects, the three together have developed a unique voice and personality in the guise of SS&F. Short US tours, several tours in southern, and most recently northern, Europe are all aiding the deliberate spread of their growing reputation as a trio to be reckoned with. Individually, they've toured or recorded with Eddie Harris, John Abercrombie, Tal Farlow, Cecil Bridgewater, Ryan Kisor, Sir Roland Hanna, Lee Konitz, Ira Sullivan, Mark Whitecage, and the Fonda/Stevens Group.


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With very special guest artist Valery Ponomarev. Produced by Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson and Valery Ponomarev. Released 12 January 1999, it includes the original compositions "Magical Spaces" and "Blue Heart" by drummer Jeff "Siege" Siegel, "Julie's Tabouleh" and "You Wait Here" by bassist Tim Ferguson, and "Dedication" and "Memorial" by pianist Michael Jefry Stevens; also on the disc are outstanding arrangements of Ornette Coleman's "Lonely Woman", Dizzy Gillespie's "Con Alma", and Duke Ellington's "Angelica", along with two originals by Valery Ponomarev, "For You Only" and "Blues for Elena".

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Reviews of "Panorama" here.


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Contact Michael J. Stevens if you're interested in booking Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson.





Points Of View

their second CD, released in December, 1996. Produced by Akira Tana. Spent 9 weeks on the US Gavin Jazz chart, 6 of those in the top 20--peaking at #14.

TRACKS: On Green Dolphin Street (Kaper/Washington), A Bicycle Built For Two (Harry Dacre), The Blessing (Ornette Coleman), Threads (Jeff Siegel), Morning Song (Michael Jefry Stevens), Yesterdays (Jerome Kern), After The Rain (John Coltrane), Almost A Rhythm Tune (Michael Jefry Stevens), Steppy (Tim Ferguson), Sir Roland (Jeff Siegel), Astor's Place (Tim Ferguson), Angel Eyes (Matt Dennis/Earl Brent).

CD only, US$16.98 through Imaginary Mailorder. Order IMX-008 UPC 80741 00082

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Here's a very nice review of "Points of View" on the Rambles website

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One Of A Kind

the first CD by the trio, released in 1995. Produced by Cecil Bridgewater. Skirted at the bottom of the Gavin jazz chart briefly...

TRACKS: One Of A Kind (Frederick Hubcap), Waltz For Zweetie (Walter Bishop, Jr.), The Moffett Family (Michael Jefry Stevens), Caravan (Duke Ellington/Juan Tizol), Gloria's Mood (Tim Ferguson), Jazz Tune (Michael Jefry Stevens), Habitat (Jeff Siegel), I Fall In Love Too Easily (Sammy Cahn.Jules Styne), Sunrise In Mexico (Kenny Dorham), Old Devil Moon (E. Y. Harburg/Burton Lane), Lenny (Jeff Siegel).

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