IMX 004 Various Artists "Sonic Defense Initiative"

LP/cassette only, US list $9.98. recorded here & there in 1986-1987, released late spring 1987. UPC 8074100041/4. total time, to be measured whenever I get around to remastering for eventual CD reissue... genre: mostly obnoxious college alternative rock, some pop. Produced by various people who probably should have known better!

Compilation of alt-rock & pop bands from Auburn University (AL USA) music "scene" of the mid '80's. I say "scene" because, as hard as many people tried, nothing ever really jelled into anything resembling a "real" scene at our favorite little part of entertainment purgatory called AU. Lots of good musicians with almost nowhere locally to play, and too few with the sense (of maybe the money) to get out of town...

ARTIST/TITLE: Mr. Resistor & the Incapacitators/Violent Romance, Big Red Beans (from New Orleans); Ebb Arnold & the Friction Pigs/Surfin' Aliens, Drink 'n' Drive; Zane Grey/Don't Stop...Shout, I'm Taking You; Paul & the Quest/The Situation; Kidd Blue & the Blues Kings/Flip Side, Don't Mess With My Shades; Nothing Personal/Attitude, The Wanderer; Slow Natives/16 Tons, Going Nowhere Fast; Bonnevilles/Heartbreaker Beware