IMX 002 The Moderns "Jagged Edges"

cassette only, US list $7.98. released 1983. UPC 8074100024. Produced by the Moderns.

Auburn, AL alternapoppers in the early '80's; this is their final release as the Moderns (a later incarnation as Paul & the Quest produced a track on the "Sonic Defense Initiative" compilation LP and a full-length CD they released on their own).

TRACKS: Jagged Edges, I Stand Accused, I Am Waiting (all titles by The Moderns)


IMX 001 The Moderns "Serve And Protect"

LP/cassette only, US list $19.98 LP/$10.98 cass. Recorded 1981-82, released 17 Dec1982. UPC 8074100011/4. Produced by The Moderns and Jerry Powell, Southern Sound, Mobile, AL.

Best comparison I could ever come up with was "early Joe Jackson meets the Police." In a small town hidden between Atlanta, GA (the capitol of the New South) and Montgomery, AL (the capitol of the Old South), where nothing much ever happens outside of football. Again, if they'd just had the sense to move to Athens, GA before graduation and the promise of a regular paycheck pulled them apart...

TRACKS: At Your Service, The Only Game That Matters, All Gone Now, Goodbye Einstein, On The Beach, Scotland The Brave, I've Got A Secret, I'm Not Sorry, Stop Pretending, Respectable Decision, & Serve And Protect. All titles by The Moderns.