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 Jen Ambrose "Nectar Of Your Dreams"

A bold blend of folk, blues, jazz & world music; Ambrose weaves an eclectic and innovative tapestry of original compositions on this debut CD. She reveals unabashed emotion with strong songwriting and vocal versatility that dances from soulful and gritty to subtle and melodic.

CD only. US list $14.98

Ambrosia Rose 6732 / UPC 783707673226


 Apple Gabriel (Albert Craig), one of the founders of legendary reggae group Israel Vibration, has been solo since 1996. This is his second solo title and first live release.

"No Racism" reflects his dedication to music and racial equality, his personality, and his thirty years' experience in the world of music.

digitally recorded in Eugene, OR , 22 Sept 01.

CD only. US list $16.98

Royal Records 2002 / UPC 783707522623




 BadaBing BadaBoom "II"

Swing, pop, blues, dixieland, and jazz elements fused together with unique harmonies, danceable rhythms, dynamic solos, and a whimsical lyrical style that pays tribute to Cole Porter and Ira Gershwin, among many others.

CD only. US list $16.98

B4 1997 / UPC <none>


 BadaBing BadaBoom "Jonesin' To Swing"

Same as "II," but even better! Special guests Jeff Coffin, Beegee Adair, and Pat Bergeson push the limits of swing further than they've been pushed before!

CD only. US list $16.98

B4 1002 / UPC 635759109928


David Bixler "Show Me The Justice"

David's 2002 recording finds him in superb shape on a program of 100% originals. His alto sax has been heard in Chico O'Farrell's band, Toshiko Akiyoshi's Jazz Orchestra, and many other gigs throughout NYC; this CD reflects his meditations on the World Trade Center destruction as well as other, more constructive aspects of life.

CD only, US list $16.98

Bixxlixx 76069 / UPC 611357606922


 Bone Dali 

The legendary Alabama-based power funk band's ultra-rare full-length cassette "Xie", remastered and augmented with live recordings for the CD release! If they'd had the sense to be from Athens, GA, we'd all know them by now...

Recorded at Oak Bowery, Opelika, AL, Dec 1988-March 1989, remastered for CD by Bruce Bennett, CD released 1993

CD only, US list $16.98.

Imaginary Records IMX-006 / UPC 8074100062




 Joe Burns "Road Runner"

Great Texas blues by way of Buffalo (NY), New England, and Canada. Burns' masterful guitar work and adroit songwriting are showcased well in this debut recording. Haunted by the ghost of Stevie Ray...

CD only. US list $13.98.

Three-Point-Two 001 / UPC 783707707624


 The Cole Younger Band blends folk, rock, and country sounds into a mix that recalls early Eagles, or Poco, on their debut recording. All tracks are original compositions; several inspired by the tales of the namesake Younger gang and the somewhat better-known James gang of yesteryear.

Recorded at Target Studios, Elkton, MD by Mark Moss.

CD only. US list $15.98

CYB Records 59119 / UPC 660355911927


 The Cole Younger Band "Younger All The Time"

More old west themes (in a country rock vein) inspired by the stories and times of the Younger and James Gangs. Includes the 2003 Unisong Finalist song "Blaze Of Glory."

CD only. US list $15.98

CYB Records 0356 / UPC 659057614526


 Delicious Blues Stew "2Stew"

Cajun swamp party music on the Cumberland. Mardi Gras be movin' to Nashville any day now...

CD only. US list $16.98

Nightfly Music 5341 / UPC 666637534129


 Delicious Blues Stew "Fat Stewsday"

More authentic bayou attitude from this bunch of cajun-country refugees, performing the soundtrack to Nashville's semiannual Mardi Gras celebrations...

CD only. US list $16.98

Nightfly Music 5344 / UPC 666637534426


 Frank DiNunzio Blues Band "Shake It Up And Go"

A powerhouse blues band, featuring DiNunzio on guitar, Andy Lalasis on bass, drummer Dave Palamar, Tommy "T-Bone" Stinson on piano & B-3, and blues harpist Barry Dwier. Joining Frank on vocals is Michele Butler.

CD only. US list $14.98

self-released, no UPC


 Beth Raebeck Hall & The Usual Suspects "Live At Caffé Milano"

2003 Grammy nominee CD, best contemporary blues category! A live recording on 9 January 1997 at Nashville's Caffé Milano, this was unreleased until 2003. An all-originals set filled with groovy, bluesy improvisation and superb musicianship. One funky chick! (quote, Rocco Prestia of Tower Of Power)

CD only. US list $16.98

Crazy Rae CRM 40302 / UPC 783707699622


The Moderns "Serve And Protect" 

Best comparison I could ever come up with was "early Joe Jackson meets the Police." It all happened in a small town hidden between Atlanta, GA (the capitol of the New South) and Montgomery, AL (the capitol of the Old South), where nothing much ever happens outside of football. Again, if they'd just had the sense to move to Athens, GA before graduation and the promise of a regular paycheck pulled them apart...

recorded 1981-82, released 17 Dec1982.

LP/cassette only, US list $19.98/$10.98 LP/cass.

Imaginary Records IMX-001 / UPC 78074100011/4

Video now online at Facebook


The Moderns "Jagged Edges" 

Auburn, AL alternapoppers in the early '80's; this is their final release as the Moderns (a later incarnation as Paul & the Quest produced a track on the "Sonic Defense Initiative" compilation LP and a full-length CD they released on their own).

released 1983.

cassette only, US list $7.98.

Imaginary Records IMXC-002 / UPC 78074100024


 New York Trio Project "Fifth House"

Adam Rafferty, guitar; Jeff "Siege" Siegel, drums, & John Menegon, bass--three heavily-credentialled instrumentalists forming one cohesive whole, infusing modern jazz with a collaborative spirit, mobility, and elegance.

CD only. US list $16.98

Imaginary Records IMX-014 / UPC 780741001428


 R. H. Renshof "Playing Out The Program Of Life"

Prog rock, new age, some classical and even some ragtimey/dixielandish influence in Mr. Renshof's program of instrumentals (with vocals here & there).

CD only. US list $15.98

Copperhead Music 2003 / UPC 822371016325


 Rudy und das Kraftwerk

"Techno-Phonic Genius"

CD only, US list $16.98

Rudy Renshof's never-ending creative genius takes on the techno world, and techno will never be the same...

Titan International Music Group, UPC 822371128325


 Rudy und das Kraftwerk

"The Amazon"

CD only, US list $16.98

Titan International Music Group, UPC 822371119828


 Satin Doll Trio "I'm Glad There Is You"

A celebration of romantic jazz classics, some well-remembered--and some nearly forgotten gems. This guitar-bass-voice trio reproduces the sounds and style of supper club jazz of the 1950's--a la Julie London or Peggy Lee--and produces a recording that should not be missed by anyone who loves jazz vocal music.

CD only. US list $16.98

Satin Doll Music SD 02 / UPC 791022184723


 2nd Story Band "Blue Shades" -- World Beat Blues Fiesta

The WAMMY-nominated band's 2003 release, now available through Imaginary Distribution. Leader/vocalist Meagan Lane has been called a "soulful Janis Joplin, but with a better range", and co-leader Geoff de Mers adds the spicy sounds of Jamaica, New Orleans, west Africa, and more in his guitar work.

CD only, US list $16.98

2nd Story 76851 / UPC 783707685120


 Doris Spears "The Duchess"

Recorded partly in Oslo and partly in Philadelphia, "The Duchess" features excellent musicianship supporting a vocalist flexible enough to sound distinctly different on each track, while staying true to the traditions of jazz and blues vocal styling.

CD only. US list $15.98

Dreambox/Encounter EAR 1025 / UPC 739673102526


Doris Spears & 9 Fold Muse "Blues For Grown Folks"

The blues are the focus for this release from the versatile Doris Spears, who has performed with the likes of Von Freeman, Clark Terry, and Jimmy McGriff; she's also toured extensively with Lionel Hampton. She delivers a sassy, soulful performance backed by a hard-driving blues band that can rock with the best.

CD only. US list $15.98

Freehold 2002 / UPC 783707526126


Spirit Foundry "Live In The Moment"

A Beth Raebeck Hall project designed to uplift and inspire youngsters to explore life's possibilities with hope and positivity. A collaboration with author Celia Straus (principal lyric writer) and some of Nashville's top musicians.

CD only. US list $16.98

Spirit Foundry Records 2003 / UPC 783707699523


Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson "One Of A Kind" 

The first CD by this hip NYC-based piano trio, consisting of Michael Jefry Stevens on piano, Jeff "Siege" Siegel on drums, and Tim Ferguson on upright bass. If you like McCoy Tyner's trios, you'll probably like these guys!

recorded 7-8 Oct 1993, released 1st qtr.1995.

CD only, US list $16.98. Produced by Cecil Bridgewater and SS&F.

Imaginary Records IMX-007 / UPC 8074100072.


.Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson "Points Of View" 

The second CD from this great jazz trio. Nine weeks on the US Gavin jazz chart, six in the top 20--peaked at #14!

recorded 19-20 June 1996, released Dec 1996.

CD only, US list $16.98. Produced by Akira Tana and SS&F.

Imaginary Records IMX-008 / UPC 8074100082.


Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson "Panorama" featuring Valery Ponomarev 

The third CD from the trio, with a twist--the addition of phenomenal trumpeter Valery Ponomarev, with whom they have performed many times on the road. Early in Valery's career, he worked with the Art Blakey group; when he left, it took Wynton Marsalis to take his place...

recorded 20-21 March 1998, released 12 Jan 1999.

CD only, US list $16.98. Produced by Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson and Valery Ponomarev.

Imaginary Records IMX-010 / UPC 8074100102.


Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson "Triologue" 

Their fourth CD for Imaginary finds the trio reaching new heights of musicianship on both originals and standards--"...a unified, supremely colorful display of the possibilities of the jazz piano trio." to quote Robert Spencer from the liner notes.

recorded 3 June 99 and 9 Apr 00 by Tom Tedesco at Tedesco Studio, mixed by Jon Rosenberg. Released 31 July 01.

CD only, US list $16.98. Produced by Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson.

Imaginary Records IMX-012 / UPC 8074100122


Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson "Get Out Of Town"

Celebrating their 18 years together, the trio initially got together to cull material from previous recording sessions to assemble a new release. Each member had a couple of new tunes to show off -- one thing led to another, and all of a sudden they had enough NEW stuff for a new release! So here it is, with a little flavouring from earlier sessions. 

Recorded 21 July 2004 by Michael Brorby at Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn, NY; except Jeepers Creepers and I Loves You Porgy recorded 9 April 2000 by Jon Rosenberg at Tedesco Studios. Released 27 March 2007.

CD only, US list $16.98. Produced by Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson.

Imaginary Records IMX-016 / UPC 780741001626. Total time, 59:13, Genre: mainstream jazz.

Personnel: Michael Jefry Stevens, piano; Jeff "Siege" Siegel, drums; Tim Ferguson, acoustic bass.

TRACKS: Get Out Of Town (Cole Porter), Crazy He Calls Me (Carl Sigman/Bob Russell), Jeepers Creepers (Johnny Mercer/Harry Warren), The Last Embrace (Michael Jefry Stevens), Momentum (Tim Ferguson), I Loves You Porgy (George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin, DuBose Heyward), Stealth (Jeff Siegel), Peaceful (Jeff Siegel), Beautiful Friendship (Donald Kahn/Stanley H. Styne).

Samples online at MySpace


 Somtow Sucharitkul "Hexaphony" 

A synthesis of Thai and Western musical forms, in a "premeditated improvisation" with the Western parts composed by Sucharitkul and the Eastern by American Bruce Gaston. Conducted in the live performance by Dnu Huntrakul. Each of the six performers select from six different instruments at any one time, as directed by the conductor. Primary instrument--Sucharitkul: piano, Huntrakul: vibraphone, Gaston: ranaat ek, Tienchai Namatep: ranaat thum, Solot Kooptarat: so u & so duang, Aunnop Chansuta: percussion.

recorded 1 Feb 1978, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila, released 1986.

cassette only, US list $9.98.

Imaginary Records IMX-003 / UPC 8074100034.


 Somtow Sucharitkul "Kaki"

What if the great composers of Russian ballet had looked SOUTH for inspiration, instead of to the west? This is Somtow's re-telling of the ancient Siamese legend of Kaki, queen of Benares, her temptation by Wentai (the Garuda, or sky god), and resulting betrayal of her King--and the price she then willingly pays--is grounded on the foundation of Russian ballet.

Composer: S. P. Somtow. Performed by the Sun Valley Virtual Orchestra, Somtow Sucharitkul, conductor; released 22 July 1997.

CD only, US list $16.98.

Imaginary Records IMX-009 / UPC 8074100092.



 Swenson & Matthias "Between Shadows & Sunsets"

A soothing, meditative, and innovative collection. Swenson & Matthias offer a blend of instrumental sounds with elements of new age and soft jazz with accents both Western and Eastern.

CD only. US list $14.98

Royalite Music 2000 / UPC 791022097627


 Swenson & Matthias "Smoke & Mirrors"

The duo's third collection of original compositions featuring their unique blend of many different instruments and influences from around the world.

CD only. US list $14.98

Royalite Music 2003 / UPC 822371017223


 Swenson & Matthias "Walk The Wind"

The debut recording from this duo, featuring their fusion of new age, jazz, & world musics. Swenson plays guitar, flute, drums & percussion, harmonica, and marimba; Matthias handles keyboards & synths, drums, bass, tablas, and marimba; together they take us on musical journeys from ancient Scotland to contemporary southwestern America.

CD only. US list $14.98

Royalite Music 1998 / UPC <none>


Various Artists "Sonic Defense Initiative" 

Compilation of alt-rock & pop bands from Auburn University (AL USA) music "scene" of the mid '80's. I say "scene" because, as hard as many people tried, nothing ever really jelled into anything resembling a "real" scene at our favorite little part of entertainment purgatory called AU. Lots of good musicians with almost nowhere locally to play, and too few with the sense (or maybe the money) to get out of town.

Recorded here & there in 1986-1987, released late spring 1987.

LP/cassette only, US list $19.98/$10.98 LP/cass.

Imaginary Records IMX-004 / UPC 8074100041/4.


Various Artists "TennJazz Vol 1" 

This is a benefit release, to support the Tennessee International Jazz Association's Scattin' in the Schools curriculum. Scattin' is a K-12 program aimed primarily at disadvantaged children and youth (but open to all), in which jazz vocal techniques are taught during the school year, with regional workshops during the early part of the year and a statewide competition early in spring, culminating in final performance judging during the Tennessee International Jazz Festival in Nashville. All proceeds benefit Scattin'.

recorded through May 01 at various locations. Compilation produced by Susan Fiering and Lloyd Townsend, Jr., and mastered by John Eberle at Americana Mastering, Nashville, TN USA. Released 31 July 01.

CD only, US list $25.00.

Imaginary Records IMX-013 / UPC 8074100132.


 Tommy Wills

"Have Horn...Will Travel"

CD only, US list $14.98

The first reissue on CD of this rare LP from 1977; features Tommy's swinging version of Boots Randolph's "Yakety Sax", titled "Swingin' Yakety Sax", plus nine other modern western swing tunes. Currently receiving regional radio promotion in the US.

Golden Moon 2001, UPC 843310025321


 Zeke Martin Quartet "Landscapes"

A fine effort from this jazz group, led by Zeke Martin's propulsive drumming. Seven originals in the modern jazz idiom. Check their

Kevin Harris, keyboards; Zeke Martin, drums; Ray Archie, bass; Antonio Jackson, sax.

CD only. US list $16.98

Gig City Records GCR001-002 / UPC 620673144025