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To order, please email your selections, confirm availability and shipping charges, then send payment (cash, or check or money order drawable on a US account preferred) to:

Imaginary Records

PO Box 66

Whites Creek, TN 37189 USA

Please use an artist name from the order in the subject line of the email. Otherwise, it often will be diverted by my spam filter! While I frequently check the spam folder, a response may be delayed if you use some generic subject like "order" or "hi."

I will respond with a confirmation, pull your order, and ship once payment arrives.

Please add $4.00 towards shipping to U.S. addresses ($5.00 for Canadian) for orders of less than US$60. U.S. orders totalling over US$60 incur no shipping charge, and all US orders are shipped with delivery confirmation! Orders outside US and Canada are $7.00 for one CD or cassette; for more than one I'll calculate the postage and respond with the final total. FOR LPS: one or two single-disc LPs will generally run about $14.00 for shipping outside the US and Canada; additional quantities, I'll calculate the postage and respond with the final total.

At this time, we're not able to accept credit card orders directly EXCEPT for Imaginary Records label releases which are ordered through,, or

We do accept payment through PayPal. Eventually, every title will be linked into the system, but for now you can make the payment through the PayPal website -- just go here and "send money" to We do accept personal or business checks, cash (currently accepting dollars (US, Canada, Australia), pounds sterling, euro, and Swiss Francs), money orders, or international money orders. Heck, I'll even take gift cards from Home Depot, Lowe's, Monoprix (France), Co-op (Switzerland, Germany), etc! (Amount on card will be verified before order is shipped, of course...) No Wal-Mart or Sam's Club gift cards accepted.

Click the links below to get to lists for individual formats. (There's something there for new and used CD, new and used LP, 7" singles, minidisc, video,accessories, books, and new cassette; the other formats will be up eventually.)

If you'd like the whole list, regardless of format (except for 7" singles and books), go here. This list will always be much more complete than the individual sections, as it's where I enter the new titles before splitting the format lists apart (which I do far too infrequently). There are over 6200 different title/format combinations on this master list, and I'm trying to add to it every day. There are many more titles yet to be added--probably at least another 2000. If you're looking for a particular title, and don't see it on the list, please write to inquire about it!

Please note that many items listed as NEW are often opened display stock. The disc or cassette was stored in a soft sleeve behind the counter. This was our answer to the continuing threat of shoplifting, and saved us thousands of dollars over the years.


Looking for T-shirts? We have a few vintage band T's, plus the fab Imaginary Records shirts. Check the listings on the Accessories page below!


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