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The newest Imaginary release, John Richards' "My Jazz II", is now available!

To purchase, just go to PayPal and "send money" in the amount of $15.00

(US postpaid; outside the USA send $20.00) to .

Go here for some background info on John.



We'll also soon be reissuing the first Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson CD "One Of A Kind" in a remastered version, with new graphics.




 This release from Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson (Michael Jefry Stevens, Jeff "Siege" Siegel, and Tim Ferguson) is their 5th CD for Imaginary Records! Officially available 27 March 2007, Get Out Of Town is another fine collection of classic and original music from this highly-regarded piano trio.

Titles include Cole Porter's "Get Out Of Town", Carl Sigman/Bob Russell's "Crazy He Calls Me", Johnny Mercer & Harry Warren's "Jeepers Creepers", the Gershwin/Heyward classic "I Loves You Porgy", and Donald Kahn & Stanley H. Styne's "Beautiful Friendship", along with trio originals "The Last Embrace", "Momentum", "Stealth", and "Peaceful".



US list $16.98

Celebrating 18 years together!



Our ongoing thanks to the fine jazzfiends at Jazzrytmit, a jazz newspaper from Finland. While nearly every publication on the planet has forgotten the old courtesy of a tearsheet whenever a review is published (Cadence being one of the few exceptions), Jazzrytmit actually mails the entire issue -- from Finland! -- and has continued to send a copy of each new issue as it is published. Now if I could only read Finnish. (Sadly, it's apparently been too long since the latest Imaginary release, and they've stopped sending the paper. Maybe the new John Richards disc will get us back on the mailing list.)



T-shirt is available in natural, sand, or graphite; short sleeve is $15.00, long sleeve $20.00 postpaid. Sweatshirts also available, in natural or grey, $30.00. It has the colourful dragon logo on the front, and our slogan "serving the known universe since 1982" on the back. Send cash, check or money order with color and size preference to Imaginary Records, PO Box 66, Whites Creek, TN 37189 USA and yours will be on its way to grace your impeccable wardrobe. See the accessories page for what's in stock right now. A more shapely model volunteer will get a refund in exchange for a good photo modeling the shirt!



Finally -- payments can be made through PayPal! Just email us with the titles you're interested in, and we'll get back to you with a total including shipping to nearly every country on the planet; you can then click through to the PayPal site and send your payment to us. Shipping goes out usually the next day.


Imaginary Distribution

Imaginary Distribution features releases by artists from the area centering on Nashville, Tennessee, but also carries (primarily) jazz titles from independent artists/labels from anywhere. The current catalog can be found here.

Imaginary Records

Here's where it all started. From the first release to the latest, all are still in print and available! The compleat Imaginary catalog can be found here. Most of these titles also can be ordered through,, and, where you can use your credit card.


Tom Dempsey/Tim Ferguson Quartet (aka TDTFQ)



release date 29 June 04


 New York Trio Project

(Adam Raffery, Jeff Siegel,

John Menegon)

Fifth House


release date 17 Feb 04


Imaginary Records-The Retail Experience

This is the record store that existed in Auburn, Alabama from 1987 through 1994; it's still occasionally searching for a new home in the Nashville, Tennessee area. The inventory is gradually being added to a FileMakerPro database, which is posted in table form here for your perusal (and, one hopes, the discovery of some title without which life will not be the same!). Someday, it'll be in a searchable database form. Be sure to check the individual lists at the main retail page linked in the title line above, but aside from the 7" records and a few minidiscs, the most complete and up-to-date list is the master database just mentioned. At the moment, more than 6200 titles are listed in several formats. In addition to music on CD, MD, LP, 7", and cassette, we stock a few books, so check that list out, too. Bulk blank cassettes are available in several different lengths, along with Norelco and soft boxes; CD jewel boxes and trays; even a few vintage band T-shirts (see the accessories page for these items now!); styli and cartridges for your turntable--eventually it'll all be listed, but if you're looking, please inquire!



New Releases available through Imaginary Distribution and Imaginary Records-The Retail Experience:


 Tommy Wills

"Have Horn...Will Travel"

CD only, US list $14.98

The first reissue on CD of this rare LP from 1977; features Tommy's swinging version of Boots Randolph's "Yakety Sax", titled "Swingin' Yakety Sax", plus nine other modern western swing tunes. Currently receiving regional radio promotion in the US.

Golden Moon 2001, UPC 843310025321

Accidental Exposures

The photographic department. A sample clipbook will be online eventually.

Almost Audible Audio

Custom location recording. Good old-fashioned analog, direct to stereo. Equipment list and rate sheet coming one of these days....

Mood Swing Productions

Once we've captured the audio, this is the hat we wear to edit and master the final version.

Imaginary House

And just in case you want a book to grace the coffee table whilst you're enjoying your fabulous audio system, here's where you can select a genuine analog edition of some essential tome (provided we actually have it in stock, that is...). And if, by chance, you're the author of a book in need of a publisher, Imaginary House just might become that publisher!


Since I kind of live on the trailing edge of technology in many ways, I've not yet attempted to add digital files for downloading Imaginary recordings. That will change eventually... My ongoing experience with Sprint and the Blackberry (and now Sprint and the Android -- hmmm, maybe it's just Sprint?) reminds me of how much less frustrating it is being on the trailing edge! Though it is just about time to move forward from PageMill 2.0 on the PowerMac 7600 -- if I can ever afford a copy of CS6...but since Adobe now only rents it to you, that may never happen.



Links to other websites of interest can be found here.





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